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About CreativeCraft's MC Server

Why Join CreativeCraft? We Offer Creative , Skyblock , PVP and Minigames server which can be travelled through portals/using commands. All plots on creative server are 250x250 size and normal player gets 3 Plots of 250x250. Free worldedit with full acess to it by voting. You get rankups for your builds! You can easily Go to Skyblock server with /Skyblock command. You can easily Go to PVP server with /pvp Command. We Offer A minigames server with 10+ Minigames to have fun. We have marriage plugin. Any amount of grief can be rollbacked anytime We are running on Premium Dedicated Server to ensure Lag free Gameplay Epic and awesome donator ranks with great prices. We have one of the best chat control to take care of chat. We have a very good backup system which ensure you never loose your builds :) Dont like 250x250 plots? Well we have 150x150 plots too which you can use.. Best Plot Protection. Special Ranking system We dont use Text Ranks on our Creative but symbols ranks as mentioned above. We Provide 100% Lag free, even if you overuse worldedit there wont be a lag!

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CreativeCraft's Minecraft Server
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Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pinged3 minutes ago
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Version 1.11