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About MONMAN11's MC Server

IP = MONMAN11.COM WEBSITE = Servers: - Tweet Factions - Skywars - Skyblock - CreaBuild Plots - Moncraft - Diablocraft - - Prison - Withercraft - KitPVP is a amazing minecraft server HUB with 10 servers, filled with activities, and loads of fun, adventures. We've got everything to make your gaming experience epic. With over 100-300 players online, and top of the line hardware, we guarantee you will have no lag. Our Staff is very helpful, and will solve your problems in a heartbeat. When it comes to grief, questions, or payment approvals; we guarantee they will be solved fast. The server is filled with epic builds on a huge flat platform. When you join, we've got easy navigation systems to help you get to places faster then ever. The community is just huge, and filled with adventure. The gaming is never ending, and just fun on the server. Our server is very kid/noob friendly. We accept all ages to play on our server. We let you play free, and want you to have the best experience ever. Join us today! IP =

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MONMAN11's Minecraft Server
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Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pinged3 minutes ago
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Version 1.11