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About Asgard Ascension's MC Server

We are Asgard Ascension.

A completely unique custom Semi-OP Prison experience based around Norse Mythology! Battle the gods and strive to the top with awesome features like Completely Custom Rank-Up Challenges, Plots, Auctions, Crates, PvP, Prestige Ranks, Tribes, Regular Events, Quests, Ragnorak, Trading, Food of the Gods, Player Shops, God Tokens for Redeemable Custom Powers, Extremely Detailed Builds and Mines, PvP and Donator Mines, Professional Staff Team, Friendly Community, Bounties, Voting Rewards, Rank Kits, Donator Cosmetics, Casino, Pets, Music, Starter Tutorial, Chat Games, McMMO, Friends System and Lucky Blocks! The Asgardian gods have battled many fearless survivors.. and have always triumphed. The gods have shared with us many secrets, and we have many custom features ensuring you have the best experience possible.

Do you have what it takes to conquer Asgard?

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Asgard Ascension's Minecraft Server
Server Information
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pinged3 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.11
TagsEconomy Parkour Prison PVE PVP Roleplay Survival Adventure MCMMO Spigot