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About Captivity Prison's MC Server

This is a classic, non-op prison server, there isn't many of us around anymore. The objective of the server is to escape captivity by working your way through the ranks. We have custom plugins on the server to make your time here more enjoyable. The server has plenty of events and games which are hosted at random times during the day along with many secrets which are built in to the prison for you to find!

You have been thrown in to captivity for a crime of which you insist wasn't committed by you. However, that's not enough to get you out of this hole. The only way out is through hard labor and escalating through the prison blocks until you are trusted enough to re-enter society. Although, in this prison, things aren't as straight forward as you may think. Along the way you will have to face aggressive inmates, corrupt guards, brutal working conditions - and most importantly, keeping your sanity.

This is the default block. You start working your way out of here by killing animals, chopping trees and mining in the stone mine filled with ores. Remember to watch your back.

This block costs $15,000 to purchase. When you reach this block you will notice you are being granted better jobs to earn money to push further for your escape. The extra jobs in this block is a cacti farm, sugarcane farm and a sandstone mine with different and more ores compared to the C-Block stone mine.

This block costs $45,000. This block is slightly more dangerous for PvP due to the huge ravine through the center of it from an earth quake years back. Although it is more dangerous, it has access to a melon + pumpkin farm along with a hostile mob farm and the mine upgrading to a nether mine with better ores.

This block costs $80,000 to purchase but it does come with it's privileges. You're one step away from becoming free from captivity and being capable of building your way up through society. E-Block comes with a snowmine which is great for fast money along with animal farms and even a log farm!

Once you finally achieve Ex-Con, your journey is not over. Infact it has just begun. Ex-Con has access to their own huge world where gangs can create bases and fight each other whilst progressing your way through society. Ex-Con has the ability to in to a huge natural mining area which is densely populated with an unimaginable amount of ores. However, it is PvP in the mine so if you want to avoid the risk and mine safely then you can make your own mine somewhere else in the world but it won't have as many ores, nor will it reset. The rest of this rank is for you to discover.

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Captivity Prison's Minecraft Server
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